Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Finding

Today I drove out to feel  autumn.  This time of the year I go to Nose Town, northern rural area of Osaka Prefecture, to gather chestnuts. I don't know why, but to me chestnuts are so fascinating!

Now there are a bowl of chestnuts in the kitchen. The problem is.... Cooking them is very challenging. I usually boil them because it's easy.
How do you cook chestnuts?


  1. I have never seen chestnuts like these. I can see why you find them fascinating! :)

  2. hi ... Annie, I have never eaten cooked chestnuts, I do not know, but they are very good for crafting ...

  3. This is the Dutch way:

    Was fresh chestnuts and throw floating away. Boil chestnuts about 20 about 10 minutes in water, peel them and boil them for 30 minutes in a liter of Bouillon until tender. Add 20 grams of butter. Stirring constantly, add 20 grams flour to produce a creamy soup. Take a few chestnuts from the soup and rub it into puree. Add them back to the soup and stir well. The last 50 cl cream and add a knob of butter and a little stir. No more boil! Before serving, you can add a little nutmeg to taste.

    I translate it from Dutch into englisch for you but you now ... my englisch is poor. I like your chestnut pics

  4. Delightful shots! I love chestnuts, especially roasted on hot coals!