Monday, August 22, 2011


Pomegranate is a peculiar plant life. It is Zakuro in Japanese.
In Japan pomegranate's bright red flowers bloom in  early summer. Soon we can see its edible fruit which is 5-12 cm in diameter with a rounded hexagonal shape. Each fruit has around 600 seeds with surrouding water-laden pulps.
From the abundant seeds, pomegranates have been a symbol of a good harvest, fertility and prosperity.
The shape of the calyx left in the fruit looks like a crown, so it was used as the symbol of the power in ancient Europe.
The fruit is said to work as medicine for tonsillitis.

Strangely its new leaves are red. So it is easy to find in spring.
Unluckily I have never tasted pomegranate in my life.
But today I happened to find a good information.  In Turkey (probably in other countries too), you can get 100% fresh pomegranate juice on the street. They squeeze lots of fresh pomeranate fruits in front of you.
I wonder what it tastes like.  I add this to my plan to do in the future. 
But there may be some people  to pick up natural fruits for juice at home.

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  1. I thought you have eaten a pomegranate and it is your favorite fruit, but I realized it was wrong. Your favorite fruit is a fig.