Friday, November 9, 2012

Skywatch Friday

I took this picture when I drove in the countryside today. I couldn't help but pull over my car to make a shot. Over there you see a village. In the countryside we often see traditional Japanese-style houses, not ferroconcrete buildings.
 Happy Skywatch Friday.


  1. This is a very "fall" sky, and it looks like our sky here today. Alas, all our colored leaves have fallen. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. So beautiful. Love the color of the trees!

  3. Oh how beautiful. I an see why you stopped to make the photo.
    Happy weekend

  4. The color on the trees is so nice! Very much an autumn scene. :)

  5. I understand why you had to stop. Such beautiful view!!!
    That happens to me too, I am sometimes driving or in the car and I see something I want to take a photo of and I need to stop. Sometimes though it's impossible... and that doesn't make me happy. But then I think, just enjoy it now, right this moment!!!

  6. Aren't those old villages beautiful?