Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yebisu on the fence

 This happy- looking statue is sitting on the corner of the fence. I found it while walking around the countryside in Nara. This man is called Ebisu or Yebisu who is regarded as a guardian deity of fishermen and luck. He is always depicted to bring a fishing pole in a right hand and hold a sea bream in a left hand.
Yebisu is a popular beer brand of Sapporo Beer in Japan, whose can has a picture of this man.


  1. If this is part of a fence I am curious how that fence looked in total. It seems a lot of work for a fence or perhaps it is very old. But absolutely nice to see.

    1. More explanation about the fence. This is top part of the concrete fence. And as you see, there are tiles on the top and this statue is also made of tile. You can alse see the roof tiles too.

  2. as I can see from your blog Annie, in Japan there are many gods in the form of statues ... an interesting life with you

  3. What a good guard! I would feel safer with him smiling on me!

  4. Beautiful statue for the fence, and even better knowing that he is a guardian deity.
    It's always great to get to know more about your culture. As I said, this is making me wanna come to Japan some day.