Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cruise Ship

Was taken in the Kobe Meriken Park three days ago. A luxury liner "Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas" was berthed at a pier in Kobe harbor. A lot of passengers enjoyed a short stay there and I made a half-day tour of Kobe for a big family of 12 persons from Philippines, although I was already not in a good condition. They are very nice people and we had a good time together.
But since I came back home, I was down and out and have stayed in bed for two days. Probably I need more time to recover. Now I feel almost OK and gain energy to be back to the blog world.
This is part of Skywatch Friday.


  1. Hi Annie, what I was reading there - you're sick and have little power ... then I send you love wishes, all the best and you shall soon be healthy to make your little trips on and show us beautiful pictures again? ...

    as the cruise ship on which we already rode along, not to Japan :-(

  2. If I see such a ship I always think there is going a complete village on journey. Sometimes you get the most strange scale differences with such ships in harbor. Hope your feel really better now.

  3. Great photo of the Cruise ship,Annie!