Friday, July 19, 2013

In the Hospital

I have two grandchildren, Rintaro and Koharu. This is Koharu. She is three months old and has a heart problem. Now she has been in the hospital for four days. She needs to have a surgery in near future.
This summer I go to the hospital to help my daughter or sometimes go to see Rintaro to encourage him. He must be lonely without Mother and Sister. But now he looks good with Father.
I wish Koharu will get well soon and go back to her home.


  1. Aww, all the very best for your granddaughter. Prayers for her are coming from here.

  2. Aww..lots of love for your grand daughter..
    Big hugs x

  3. Annie, I am so sorry to hear this. She is a beautiful girl. I hope the surgery goes well, and she recovers well. Sending good thoughts!

  4. What a cute granddaughter you have! Well, I hope the surgery goes perfectly well and that she recovers as fast as possible from it. I'm sending lots of positives thoughts your way for all your family. Hugs and kisses.