Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monkey Mountain

I took these pictures in Mt. Iwatayama Monkey Park, Kyoto, Japan. It is a park located on the top of the 160-meter mountain. As many as 150 Japanese monkeys live freely. You can feed them from inside the cottage. If you feed outside, many monkeys might dash to you to snatch peanuts out of your hands.

    Looks like people are in the cage.

A monkey is about to drink water.

You can see not only the real monkey life but also the nice view of Kyto city.
This monkey is busy to find something to eat.

This is part of Scenic Sunday.


  1. Wow it is so beautiful...
    Hugs for you xxx

  2. Hi Annie, I really like monkeys, they are so funny and always happy ...

    you a great week and greetings from Geli

  3. I like the idea of people being in the cages. Great shots!

  4. This is just fascinating! Kind of an "un-zoo"!