Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unstable Weather

This afternoon the weather was unstable in Osaka. Dark clouds appeared  when I was driving to my daughter with my hubby. You can see a round building front, which we go through by car. I don't know why, but it gives us some unique experience in going through.

The castle-like building on the right is a glasses shop.  And green plants are rice. In a month or so, I see rice harvest around this area.

Finally it started rain cats and dogs. What a downpour!  Some lower roads were submerged and temporarily affected, and policemen were standing in the crossing to control traffic.


  1. oh the weather is also behaving strange..
    take care and keep well.
    hugs x

  2. oh dear ... you have rain and cloud Annie, we have 35 degrees and tomorrow even more, which is not good ...

    nice weekend by Geli

  3. Thanks. I love to see the building with the castle-like building and the dark sky. Here its so warm: 35 degrees.

  4. I love dramatic skies like this. With the dry summer we've had, I don't complain about rain anymore. But I don't like it when you're driving and the conditions become dangerous.

  5. Here we are in the middle of a heat wave... Temperatures up to 40C... Luckily not where I live though.
    Some rain would be so nice here... It's been a long time since it really rained.
    Your photos and the dark sky are beautiful Annie.

  6. Thos skies sure look ominous, Annie!

  7. Wow, you really captured that on-coming storm! Great cloud action!