Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paper Ornament MIZUHIKI

These paper ornaments are called 'Mizuhiki' in Japanese, which are traditional Japanese ornament for celebration. They are made of strong, thin twine made from Japanese paper. On the left one, you see a crane, and on the right a turtle. Both are symbolic animals of longevity and prosperity in Japan.
I took this picture in Kanazawa the other day.

This is part of Ruby Tuesday 2.


  1. Wow! I'd never be patient enough to fold one of these. They're beautiful though.

  2. Very pretty! I could not make these myself, as I'm all thumbs when it comes to crafts, so I really appreciate those who can make things like this.

  3. Hi Annie, it is very interesting to read again and again from the traditions of other countries, and what lies behind the sickly various ornaments and what they mean for the people in the country ... in Japan since one can learn a lot about such things .. . it is understood also often not as a stranger ...

  4. those are very different. Do you have them displayed at certain times of the year and are they always that colour?


  5. These are beautiful! Visiting late for Ruby Tuesday.

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