Thursday, December 20, 2012

MIHO Museum


MIHO Museum stands in the midst of mountains in Shiga Prefecture. After walking through the winding tunnel from the entrance gate for about ten minutes, we reach the great museum building. I think the building itself is the best work here, which was designed by I M Pei. I can feel sunlight everywhere in this building. Love it.
I post this to Thursday Challenge. This week's theme is "light".


  1. Hi Annie, this is a strange construction, looks very futuristic, but very similar to Japan ...

    I send warm greetings to you ...

  2. Very interesting..
    Love for you x

  3. Hi Annie, sorry that I haven't visited for a while. These photos are lovely. I particularly like the tree in the second photo.

  4. thanks for all the information about japan and the photos. merry christmas.

  5. Beautiful architecture in a stunning landscape. What wants a human more. Thanks for showing us.

  6. lovely area to have a museum. Merry Christmas to you and your family,

    Gill in Canada