Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Two Dragons

The other day I was knocked down to see this large ceiling painting in the main hall of Kenninji Temple in Kyoto. It was attached to the ceiling of 11.4m by 15.7m (the size of 108 tatami mats) and is drawn with the finest quality ink on thick traditional Japanese paper by Junsaku Koizumi. This painting commemorates  the 800-year anniversary of Kenninji's founding, and a ceremony to mark its installation was given in April of 2002.
These  drangons'  expression looked funny to me and they stared at me wherever I walk in the hall.
This is part of Our World Tuesday.


  1. ... those are two sinister fellows love Annie, but very artistic and beautiful to look at ...

  2. Wow, knocked down, for sure! This is incredible! Thanks!