Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rubby Dinner

Last night I had a great time with my daughter in this Japanese-style Indian restaurant "Magicspice" in Namba, Osaka. The outside appearance is all red as you see, and inside too! The food was so yummy.
Next month my daughter will have a second baby. My second grandkid! Excited!!
This is part of Ruby Tuesday 2.


  1. Hi Annie, quality time with the kids is always great, I enjoy those times very well ...

  2. And ruby it is. I didn't hope that the wall's inside had the tendency to fall upon you with all that red.

  3. What a great building. I hope your dinner was good too.

  4. I would definitely be attracted by all that red!
    Will you show photos of the grandbaby once he/she is here? :)

  5. You must all be so excited with the arrival of a baby in the family. :)
    I hope you show us some pics!