Monday, August 19, 2013

Cheer Up

This is a lobby of the hospital where Koharu is hospitalized, Osaka Medical Center and Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health. I took these last Sunday, so you can see only one person sitting. On weekday,  this lobby is so crowded with little patients and their families. I like this place, 'casue it is filled with wishes and happy-feeling encouragement, such as colorful paintings and equipments.
I post this to Monday Mellow Yellows.


  1. I love that first mural. I think it would look great on the wall of a child's room

  2. When I was doing my internship at a big children's hospital in Barcelona I felt that way too... I think noone likes that kids have to be in a hospital, so they try to do their stay there as comfortable as possible. There was such a beautiful environment, as I think it's at the hospital Koharu is staying.

  3. It certainly is happy feeling! Hope it brings a smile to all the children and their families.