Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to Nap

This is a picture of my grandchildren. They are two-year-old boy, Rintaro and four-month-old girl, Koharu. They are my treasures. As I wrote in my earlier post, Koharu has a problem with her heart and will have an operation next week. She has been in hospital since middle of July, but now she is at home temporarily.


  1. Hi Annie, I wish you all the best for the operation granddaughter, she is followed by a beautiful, healthy life are with you and the family ...

    greetings from Geli

  2. They're beautiful! I like their names too.

    Good luck, little Koharu!

  3. Hope everything will go well.On this photo the two look a little to alert to do a nap but who knows.

  4. Look at them! I totally get why they are your treasure! They are so so cute! I'll be sending you and your family positive thoughts and I hope everything goes perfectly well with her surgery! I sure it will!!!
    Hugs from your friend in Barcelona.

  5. They are treasures, indeed, Annie. What a beautiful photo! I do hope all goes well next week and into the future!