Monday, June 4, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday

Carp with big appetites. I took this photo when my guests were feeding. Carp know very well when they get food. They gather and wait for the time.

This mural is placed in the subway station  Kyoto-shiyakusho-mae in Kyoto. It attracts people of both office workers and tourists.

This is linking up with Mellow Yellow Monday and Monday Mural.


  1. I love watching fish in ponds grabbin for food, and I like the sense of motion the mural conveys. Thanks, beagleAnnie!

  2. Hi Annie, are the koi?
    I have not personally seen many people just breed them here ...

    cordial greetings and good week!


  3. Welcome to Monday Mural, Annie. The koi mural is absolutely beautiful. The artist's technique reminds me of designs I've seen in lacquer ware and textiles. I can see why this draws so many visitors. Thanks so much for linking to Monday Mural. I hope you'll show us more murals from Japan.

  4. Love, love, love this - am passionate about carp and this is just gorgeous.

  5. The fish are beautiful! We have a pond in our back yard with carp (goldfish) that have been there for years. The pond is self sustaining and wonderful to have.

  6. That mural is beautiful. Love all the shiny color!