Saturday, June 23, 2012

Puppet Window

I hear Japanese animation is very popular in the world, but I don't know how popular they are. Probably many of you know more than me.
These are puppets of famous characters created by Hayao Miyazaki. I found this shop near Kiyomizu Temple, which features his creation. Among his wonderful fantasy movies, my favorites are "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away." I remember my daughter watching Totoro every day when she was a little child. She saw it so coutless times that she could say the words without seeing the video at that time.
Do you remember Totoro?  OR do you like his movies?
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  1. aw, this is so pretty!

    happy weekend!

  2. Unknown to me, but now you've made me curious.

  3. I don;t know much about these animated movies/characters, Annie, but Japanese children's toys are very cute.

  4. Both of my boys & my nephew loved collecting figures like this. My nephew also does amazing work making clay figures similar to those in your picture. :O)