Saturday, September 21, 2013

At Home

Finally Koharu came home from the hospital yesterday. Her big brother Rintaro is happy to be with her. She needs oxygen  for easy breathing for a while.
Now she can drink milk much easily than before. I hope she  grows up to be strong and healthy.
I will visit and celebrate Koharu's coming home tomorrow.

I really appreciate your prayers and encouragements you sent to me. They gave me strong power. Thanks!


  1. Look at those beautiful big cheeks! She is so so adorable. And I'm so very happy for you and all the family that she is back home!!! Awesome news!
    You have two beautiful grandkids Setsuko! :)
    Have a great weekend! And better welcome home party!

  2. Hope she now wiil also lost her oxygen soon. Have a nice weekend.

  3. what gorgeous grandchildren you have. I hope Koharu feels better and gains her strength back fast.

    Gill in Canada

  4. This is really a sweet picture, Annie! I hope Koharu is breathing without the oxygen soon. Rintaro looks like a devoted big brother.