Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kobe View

The views from the Kobe Port Tower. Kobe is a narrow city sandwiched by the mountain and the sea.
Like the reflection on the large office building.
In the second picture you see a lot of containers on the ground. They are used as the galleries for the Kobe Biennale 2013, which is an art competition held every other year and will open from Oct. 1 to Dec.1.

This is part of Weekend Reflections and Skywatch Friday.


  1. Wow! That first photo is amazing! I love the reflection on the tall building.

  2. Beautiful scenery... Nice place for a city... Great shots...

  3. The blue building is really amazing ! I like this kind of moderne architecture.

  4. Wasn't Kobe one of the cities the most hit by an earthquake in 1995. I remember some pictures then. Nothing to see about that. Looks like a real modern city to me. Thanks for showing .

  5. That's one beautiful city reflection.

  6. That is quite the reflection in the Kobe Port Tower! It looks like a mini-city collectively in one.