Saturday, September 10, 2011

Expo Park

This is a picture of my favorite place. It's Expo Park in Suita, which is not far from my house.

In 1970, Japan World Exposition was held here from March through September. Japan was in the midst of the rapid economic growth at that time and the event was very successful. 64 million people came here from around the world.
After the event, this vast place turned into a huge park with a wonderful Japanese garden and two museums such as National Folklore Museum and Osaka Folk Crafts Museum.

This tower is "Tower of the Sun" which was created as the simbol of the expo by Taro Okamoto. It has a very unique figure with four faces. You can see a golden face which simbolizes "Future Sun" and a front face which simbolizes "Present Sun." On the back there is a black face which simbolizes "Past Sun."
But one more face "Underground Sun" has been missing after the event. It was kept somewhere. No one knows.

This place is very much like my garden.  Every season I come here to find something attractive to me. I love this park!


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place!

  2. This park is filled with beautiful flowers all year around. Have a nice day!

  3. I didn't know faces of the tower represent the sun.