Saturday, September 3, 2011

Samma Pacific Saury

This is my fist samma of the season. It was around 30cm and very delicious. Samma is Pacific saury and it is a harbinger of autumn in Japan. Eating with grated radish and citrus was really wonderful.

But this year  is different after March quake.

The waters within 100 kilometers off the Fukushima troubled nuclear plant usually become major sanma fishing sites around October to November, according to the sanma fishery co-op.

But there is a move to address concerns among wholesalers, retailers and consumers about possible radioactive contamination of seafood in the area. So this year fishermen will have to go to a little farther and wider than usual to catch samma.
The samma I ate today seems to have been caught in waters near Hokkaido. From there, the fish will gradually travel south, with fishing boats moving along with them.
I wonder how many people will avoid eating samma and other sea food from the area.

By the way, as for Typhoon #12,  I have prepared for the monster storm coming, closing the shutters and stowing things away from the veranda. The typhoon slightly veered the course. In the daytime it was cloudy, sometimes rainy with strong wind. At last it is storming now.
I wish it will go away soon.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of an important information. I will try to avoid seafood caught in the northern sea for a while.
    Maybe this year, I won't have a chance to try pacific saury.

  2. Good luck with Typhoon #12. In Australia we call them Cyclones and we give them girl and boy names like Tracy or Henry.