Thursday, September 8, 2011

Great Expectations

Autumn is surely coming around here. High blue sky without any clouds and insects singing at  night. Now I am really looking forward to "Danjiri Matsuri" or autumn harvest festival.

Danjiri is a float with elaborate sculptures of historical war battle scenes and samurai on it. Many men wearing the same happi coats pull floats along the streets.
In the southern parts of Osaka Prefecture, this longstanding tradition still remains. Each town has a danjiri float and they are pulled by hundreds of people to compete each other to boast their courage and unity. Participants wear special cotton trousers, jikatabi or rubber-soled cloth foot gear and the same happi coat.

 During this time, festival goods are sold at the supermarket. Even  13-cm foot gear for young kids are sold. From a little child  people learn to enjoy and support this festival in this area.

Last night when I went to Sakai city to see Rintaro, I had a chance to see young boys practicing music instruments for festival which will be held over one month ahead. They were listening to the leader's advice in a very serious way. Good relationship.

This might be a good example of lifelong education.


  1. Great video and explanation of the festival. Life long learning prevents boredom!

  2. Yes, I believe it is important to have something exciting to live with a fresh mind!