Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sakai Town

Today I went to Sakai with my friend. Sakai is a very unique town with historical and cultural charm. The city is blessed with many temples, shrines and old houses. Among them, the world-largest tumulus named the Nintoku-ryo Tumulus is the most appealing to me. I can't imagine how large it is by just standing in front of it. I can only see a large stone torii gate and rich forest.

The town is also famous as the place where Sen no Rikyu was born. He was a tea master who had a great influence on the Japanese tea ceremony in the 16th century. We visited Nanshuji Temple where he practiced Zen meditation and his grave is located inside the precinct. I felt a quiet air with rustling pampas grass.

I also enjoyed the peaceful Japanese garden and the objects of cute elephants.

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