Monday, October 10, 2011

400-year-old Townhouse in Sakai

Today  I went to Sakai to visit an old townhouse of a rich merchant of the Yamaguchi family.                                                                The Yamaguchi residence was built in the early 17th century, the early Edo period. It was designated an Important Cultural Property in 1966. It is now operated by Sakai city.

We can enter the townhouse and feel the atmosphere of the prosperous merchant's life.
There are many rooms. I like a huge kitchen with five stoves and big beams and a small tea room with beatufiful flowers.

There are several huge beams of pine tree to support the big house.
 The five stoves are located  in circle to be easy to operate.
 This is a tea room of 4.5 tatami mat size. It has a decorative alcove with a hanging scroll and a vase.

 The Hankai street car is running through old Sakai area, which gives us a nostalgic atmosphere.


  1. I love the simplicity of the design.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Shirley. I feel very comfortable in this house.