Sunday, October 2, 2011


It was a surprise.
Today I was in the conference hall to work as a  staff.(temporarily I work as a conference staff) It was a big medical conference and there were a lot of staff members. Among them, there was a charming woman I recognized but didn't know much.
As soon as she found me, she spoke to me cheerfully. She looked very bright and happy. She talked about her life and dream for the first time. Now I realize she makes a vigorous effort to make her dream come true.
Suddenly, she recommended me to express my dream in a voice, not only to friends but also to myself. The dream will come true. She gives out her dream every day to herself.
I was surprised to hear the story all of a sudden. It's a good thing to have a clear goal. But probably I can't voice my dream to myself...
And another thing, I don't know even her name. I feel something strange. A little confused.



  1. If I voice my dream "Must peace prevail on earth" everyday, will it be realized? Or am I the first mankind who will do so in the history?

  2. I love this art. Did you do it?

  3. Hi, Shirley. No, I am not good at creating art. But I love to appreciate it. I got this picture from a free image site.