Saturday, October 8, 2011

Otori Danjiri Festival

Autumn festival has been held to express gratitude for the good harvest for a long time. Otori Danjiri
Festival is held in Sakai city, Osaka for a long time.
Danjiri means a float.Ten floats are pulled by people, mainly men, wearing the same happi coats. Each float is decorated with elaborate sculptures of historical war battle scenes and samurai.

In the precinct of Otori Shrine, a large number of stands make the festival more attractive.
I bought a shrimp-flavored cracker topped with sweet sauce and sunny-side up. The number of the egg is decided by picking a stick, on which some color is painted. I picked a yellow one. It means "one egg". It is a kind of lottery. One egg, two eggs or three. You can get a luck even when you buy something here.
Young girls look so cute with their hair in a fancy braid.
Both pulling people and onlookers look excited and enjoy the festival.

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  1. I make it a rule not to eat more than an egg per a day for my health.