Sunday, October 16, 2011

Annie report

Today's post is about my pet  Annie.
Annie is an old beagle of soon twelve years old.  Recently she has only walks for toilet and eating something. She sometimes (often) misses the toilet place , maybe she can't reach toilet. Annie lies down and sleeps most of the day.
These two days her body has  smelled strong so I took her to the pet saloon for a shampoo. There I realized  she had a  bedsore in her breast.  I checked how to cure for that on the Internet.
I am sorry Annie. I have never found that. Now I am trying to recover her  by antiseptic care and changing her posture.
Luckily she still has a big appetite. She doesn't eat dog food any more. She eats the same food as we eat at the table. I know it is not good for dogs to eat human food. But I don't think to change this way.

I hope to celebrate  her twelve-year-old birthday on December 28th.


  1. we have a beagle cross called Molly, you'll see a photo of her tomorrow, if you pop by my blog tomorrow.

    Our Molly has terrible allergies. Your Annie looks like a lovely dog, I adore beagles.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Wishing you & Annie good healing. We have a 10-year-old golden retriever who has had allergies and other health problems lately. I can relate to your compassion and wanting these dear pets to have the most comfort possible.

  3. Thanks Gill.I'm looking forward to seeing your Molly.

  4. Thank you for your heartful comment, Jane. I think I will accept all things both good and sad.