Thursday, October 6, 2011

Japanese-style Athletic Meeting

Japanese schools are always busy, but especially this season is super-busy, for both students and teachers. They are busy for preparing for the athletic meeting. In Japan, many schools conduct an athletic meeting from the end of September through the beginning of October.

In junior high schools, each class competes each other in various events, such as a sprint race, a relay race, a three-legged race, team work gymnastics and a tug of war. 
Among them, the most Japanese event is "Kibasen", a mock cavalry battle. Until a few decades ago,  this battle was conducted only by boys, but these days girls also enjoy this.

The cheering banner competition is also held. Students work together to complete their class banner with the striking design and colors.
An exciting and bright atmosphere prevails at school, but often dragon's teeth,too.

Do you have such a sports event at school in your country?

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  1. I'd like to see girls' "kibasen", a mock cavalry battle even just one time.