Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beagle Annie

Annie is my dog. She is an eleven-year-old beagle who likes sleeping.

Early this year she was in serious condition and I was worried that she would die. I took her to the vet many times but Annie didn't take any medicine at all. At last I gave up giving the medince.

What happened next... I don't know why, but fortunately she got better and better and finally she recovered! Probably she recovered by herself.

She stays in her blue "cool bed" almost all day. But when I eat something good, she soon comes next to me. She knows tasty food well enough.

Now she is waiting to eat a chick-shaped bun with a bean-jam filling.

I love Annie.

1 comment:

  1. How really cute a dog she is!
    However, the weather should be too harsh for her. It's a good idea that you provide her with a cool bed. It must be useful to prevent her from becoming a hot dog.