Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eel-Eating Day

There are some annual events according to the calendar. Today is EEL-Eating Day in Japan. Eel sales is at the peak throughout Japan. People eat eel bowl-a bowl of rice topped with broiled eel basted with a sweet soy sauce to gain strength in mid-summer.

At the supermarket a lot of broiled eels were sold.

And cicadas started buzzing near my house yesterday. Buzzing of cicadas is rather annoying, but it's a really summer thing. I have long been wondering why cicadas begin singing(?) all of sudden, when schools go on summer vacation.

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  1. At this time of the year, media start to report on taking a broiled eel dish. I'm a person who try not to care about what media say, but maybe I'm a bit influenced by them. This year, I already had an eel dish, a broiled eel bowl. I had it in a chain restaurant at low price, so it wasn't so good, but I was enough satisfied.