Saturday, July 16, 2011


Zarusoba is one of the most popular dishes especially in a hot summer. Zarusoba is cold buckwheat noodles dipped in sauce with horse radish, green onion and nori seaweed.

When you eat zarusoba, you can slurp and make a noise. It may seem like a bad behavior but in Japan eating soba with slurping sound is a connoisseur.

Watermelon also fits hot days. Japanese watermelons are round with green and black lines. But I seldom buy a whole watermelon. Why? Because it’s too big for my refrigerator!
And watermelon is often used as a summer symbol.

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  1. Reading about zarusoba makes my mouth watered. However, if you eat it in a restaurant, it will be a little bit expensive for its ingreedients.
    So, every time I go a restaurant, I usually order something else. As a result, I haven't had it for many years.