Thursday, July 14, 2011

Namba Yasaka Shrine Summer Festival

Hot day! Today I went to see a summer festival of a local Shinto shrine named Namba Yasaka Shrine in Osaka city. Japanese festivals are held to entertain Shinto deities to pray for bountiful rice harvest and protection against evil spirits and plagues.

One of the highlights is the procession, which is a parade of people dressed in a happi coat and bamboo hat marching beside portable shrines.

This shrine has a very unique stage shaped like a lion. The lion seems to eat people on the stage.


  1. It was really hot, today. I was worn out, too, because of a long travel on foot.

  2. Beautiful Stage at the shrine...well....maybe beautiful isn't the right word.....kinda scary..
    Interesting...hows's very interesting.