Friday, February 3, 2012

Sushi roll eating...Setsubun

What am I doing? 
 I am eating uncut sushi roll facing the lucky direction with no words.
This unique custom is rather new which started in Kansai region ( including Osaka) a few decades ago. Usually sushi roll is sold into several pieces but today all the sushi rolls are not cut as the picture below. This year's lucky direction is "north-north-west" ( they say each year has a different lucky direction and TV news announced the direction.)

To my surprise, the origin of this custom came from the speed-eating contest held in Osaka on the Setsubun day! NO meaning with the authentic tradition at first!! But people loved this event and with the help of the big ad of the convenient stores this new tradition became popular all over Japan.

I did bean-throwing as I mentioned yesterday. Go away evil  spirits and come in good spirits!!

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  1. yummyyyyyyyyyy
    you having lots of fun..
    keep well dear..
    big froggie hugs cucki xx