Thursday, February 2, 2012

Throw away bad things....

Japan is proud of distinct four seasons, and tomorrow (February 3rd) is Setsubun marking the last day of winter (according to the old calendar), of course it will still last cold winter days though. And according to the ancient Japanese thought, bad spirits appear in the changing time from one season to the next.
On the night of Setsubun, in order to drive away evil spirits and seeds of misfortune, as well as to pray for the family's happiness, many Japanese do bean-throwing ceremony at home.  They throw roasted soybeans all about the room, shouting “Oni wa soto!Fuku wa uchi! Meaning “Out with the goblins and in with fortune!”  Last year Annie was living and she was so happy to eat soybeans on that day.
Today I found many things about Setsubun at the shops. such as roasted soybeans and sardines. On the day tomorrow supermarkets will widen the sushi roll section and make money. I'll post a shot of sushi rolls tomorrow.

P.S.I thought I got my surprise and sorrow, I felt strong itch from midnight. I don't want to show my current miserable body. This morning I went to see the clinic and knew probably it came  from some drag. I was put on a drip and got medicine for allergy. Too bad after a short relief. Now I'm still itching intensely, even my ear being red.

Setsubun of tomorrow is the time for me to drive away bad things away from my body! I should shout "Oni wa soto!(Bad things Out!!!)"

first snow storm near my house


  1. Bad things out, indeed, beagleAnnie! Hope you are much better soon, and your soybean ceremony casts out all bad things for the rest of the year!

  2. hello dear, i hope you are feeling better now..
    the storm is looking so bad..
    keep well and stay safe..
    warm hugs for you
    cucki xx