Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day...Chocolate day in Japan

all made by chocolate!!

 Today is St. Valentine's Day and Japanese people celebrate this day in a unique way. Although, it may seem strange that a country with few Christians would adopt Christian customs, this date fits well with Japanese culture. Exchanging gifts is an important way for Japanese to show gratitude and to foster human relations.

at the supermarket

On St. Valentine's Day only women give chocolates to men they love and to male bosses and colleagues in the workplace as a gesture of friendship. The latter is called "giri-choco" or "obligatory chocolate."
In return,  "White Day" on March 14th is the day when men are expected to return the favor by giving gifts to women. These customs started as part of confectionery company's sales promotion gimmicks in the 1950s.
However, this custom is changing. Recently women exchange chocolates among female friends or present to themselves.

chocolate for my husband
I love to find delicious chocolates of pretty wrapping  this time of the year. The peak of chocolate in a year.


  1. awww lots of yummy mouth is watering..
    love for you deary from my happy heart xxx

  2. Mmmm, mmmm. What a great holiday! We celebrate similarly, but without the rules--all chocolate, all week, for everyone! And couples usually go out for dinner. Enjoy!

  3. Ah, Japan would be the place to on Valentine's Day for chocoholics, Annie!
    Valentine's Day is not a very Christian Feast Day - its roots are pagan and nowadays even in vey traditional Christian countries it more of an opportunity for retailers to make some money in the post-Christmas slump.

    See my blog entry on the ancient Roman fertility festival Lupercalia and its connection to Valentine's Day:

  4. Sounds like a nice tradition. Hope you get some chocolates on white day. :)