Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wearing extra clothes (February)

如月 and my dream
snow house called Kamakura
Today's post is the ancient Japanese month lesson, which is my regular one. I think the key element about Japanese culture is "season" and old Japnese language had a variety of expressions to appreciate four seasons. And month names are good examples.

We usually call February "二月 the second month", but February is also called "Kisaragi" in the old way. There are two different letters, 如月 and 衣更着, which means that after the new year's celebration of January, people feel cold even more  and wear extra layers of clothes.

For my last post saying I felt very cold, my blog friend living Finland said to me, "Try to remember Finland (-11~-15) and especially Lapland(-35.9)!!"  Yes, you are RIGHT. I always try to remember you when I feel cold.  It's a lot of fun for me to contact many blog friends to know each other, for example I know there are much colder places than Osaka, but to get the real information from those who are living in the exact place is quite different and true.

My new dream in the future is to travel to meet you blog friends living in many places in the world.
Do you think it's a nice dream? Can I meet you in the future? Of course, I'm happy to welcome you in Japan!


  1. aww i so much wanted to meet you in japan my dear friend..
    may be one day..
    sending you warm hugs cucki xx

  2. That is a beautiful dream, beagleAnnie, and it can come true! I also like your illustration in today's post. Keep warm!

  3. Great post, Annie. Fascinating to learn about the Japanese month names. I think having a winter month called "wear more cloths" is great - sounds like my mother!
    I think to travel and meet friends all ver the world is wonderful. I still have not been to Japan, but it is a place on my list of places I'd really like to visit!

  4. That's a fantastic dream! I hope that it comes true for all of us one day.

    hugs, Kaye xoxox

  5. February is generally the coldest, longest most miserable month of the year here in Canada, at least that's what I think!!! So I agree with you, you need to wear an extra layer of clothing.

    That is always a good dream to have to visit everyone of your blog friends...........bit of a costly dream (money wise) though...LOL

    Gill in Canada

  6. I like to read about Japan through the eyes of my blogging friends. It's so different from reading books written for tourists. It's more alive.

    Yeah, meeting everyone in the "real world" sounds great! I wish I could meet everyone whose blogs I read, but as Gill says, it's quite expensive.