Saturday, March 3, 2012


Today I went to the botanical garden in Toyonaka to see the camellias. The garden is proud of its camellias, but most of them are still in buds. However, I can find some of them blooming cheerfully.
I'll post some varieties. which one is your favorite?

In Japan, camellias are very popular plants for the roadside trees and house gardens. From late winter to early spring, I can see red ones in many places. I like its color, shape and its shiny leaves.

I planted a small camellia tree last winter(?) and have looked forward to its blooming. My camellia has been in bud for about three months to bear the coldness. But with the milder sunlight, in a week or two, I hope it will bloom.

In Japan there is a common knowledge that camellia is not suitable for a get-well present, because its falling conjures an image of death.


  1. I love camellias! They are all beautiful, but I like the third variety best. :)

  2. I like the second one! Beautiful!

  3. nice flowers..i love roses but camelias too..thanks for sharing...

  4. These are all so wonderful, Annie, it's hard to choose a favourite, although I prefer the single varieties over the double. You've captured them all so well, but my preference would be for the fallen bloom of the last photo.