Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ume and the Seto Inland Sea

a small island and farming rafts

Please let me show you ume apricot once again.  Don't say, "No more ume." Because  I love this blossom so much.
Today I drove to the west for two hours to visit World Ume Park, which has around 350 kinds of ume from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Now is the best time to view them. Why I came so far? Because this ume grove is located on the mountain and the opposite side is facing the Seto Inland Sea. So I can view both the blossoms and the sea at the same time. Let's enjoy some pics with me!

Chinese-style viewing platform

outside petal is more pink than inner petals

This is part of Floral Friday Fotos.


  1. hello ... Annie, you show so wonderful flowers and colors again, to the little house right in the middle to look just great ...

    I send you warm greetings from the sun to thursday from Germany...Geli

  2. Annie,

    Beautiful pictures, loved the second.



  3. Keep the ume coming, beagleAnnie! They are beautiful! :)

  4. I'm all for the ume! They're gorgeous and I'm certainly not tired of seeing them. :)

  5. I think your blog is also very interesting and thank you for visiting mine. Its always nice to learn from another culture.

  6. What gorgeous pictures are these, Annie! They remind me of Japanese prints by Hokusai! My fave is the first with the suggestion of sea and sky in the background.

  7. PS: PLease link these through to Floral Friday as they are gorgeous flower shots!

  8. I feel so lucky to visit Japan on my computer!! LOVE the ume and the shrine...makes me so happy to see them :)

  9. Beautiful blossoms.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. These blooms make me think of a plant we have always called "Flowering Quince". It blooms early in the year. I have no idea what the Latin name is.

  11. J'aime beaucoup ta série de photos, en particulier la 2 et la 4.

    Belle journée,


  12. wonerful! So lovely flowers and great scenary. Thanks for sharing. :)