Monday, March 19, 2012

Silver Pavilion

Two days ago, I visited the Silver Pavilion with my guests and had a very lovely time there. So today I'll take you to "the Silver Pavilion" with my photos. Its official name is Jishoji Temple,which is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto and one of the World Heritage site.
The Golden Pavilion is really gold color covered with gold leaf. But as you see below, the Silver Pavilion is not silver color. It's a wooden two-story architecture. (The main reason of not using silver was due to financial problem.)The original building was built in the late 15th century by the 8th Ashikaga Shogun (Yoshimasa Ashikaga). The first floor was built in samurai housing style and the second in Zen temple style with lotus-flower-shaped windows.

You can appreciate the beautiful sand garden. The cone-shaped sand is shaped into Mt. Fuji, and the striped sand shows the waves of the ocean.

Let's enjoy strolling along the path around the pond and on the mountain. The left room blow (only part of it) is said to be the first tearoom and the fist flower arrangement originated in this room.


 Green moss carpet and the sound of a brook give us fresh feeling and calmness. This place is my recommendation to those who want to enjoy Japanese "Wabi Sabi" -which is based on the idea that beauty lies in simplicity.


  1. How delightful, Annie! These photos depict for me what is quintessentially Japanese: Lovely architecture and landscaped gardens, all reflected in a still body of water. Simply gorgeous!

  2. this was definitely a nice walk with your travelers Annie ... I would have liked it ...

    Greetings from Geli

  3. Thank you for sharing the sights, sounds, and feelings of this serene place.

  4. What an impressive structure! I like the surrounding, the gardens and the trees around it. Yes, simple and peaceful.