Thursday, March 8, 2012

Expo Park...Today's shots

White ume is blooming with a sweet scent. Over there, the monument of the '70 World Expo is standing.

White one, pink one, red one, single-petal and eight-petal... I can't count the number of varieties.

I love this red fluffy something. Really cute.

I had a cup of matcha tea in this tea house. It was a nice time to recompose myself.

Fallen camellias on  hair moss are still beautiful. In the Japanese garden, moss is also an important element.

A bird of a yellow body appeared. Expo Park is a spaciou park with a lot of  trees, where you can enjoy bird watching.


  1. Hi Annie, I am with thee to walk, I found the colorful flowers and the yellow bird very nice ... I drink tea made ​​of ginger here, it tastes good too ...

    Greetings from Geli

  2. How pretty! Seeing these photos is like taking a little vacation!

  3. Fantastic flowers! And that little bird is cute too. :)