Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Birthday Cake

 Happy birthday, Rintaro!!

May 5th is special to me because it is Rintaro's first birthday as well as Children's Day in Japan. I made a birthday cake for him. It's his first time to eat a cake (for babies). It's a big fun to see his eating with his face filled with cream. I pray for his healthy growth.

I also made a paper helmet out of a calendar. This is how to make a paper helmet. If you are interested, please try to make it. It's very easy.

This is the cake I made for his first birthday.


  1. What a pretty cake! It looks as if he likes it, beagleAnnie! Hope you all have a happy day!

  2. Yes Annie, you're a nice person, you've baked a cake and when I look into those big round eyes, then I know it must be tasty ...

    I would appreciate it too ...

    Greetings from Geli

  3. Happy 1st Birthday! What a delicious-looking cake.

  4. What a handsome little man!! He has the biggest, sweetest eyes. :)
    You can see he enjoyed his cake. That's because it was made with love from his Grandmother. :)
    Wonderful shots, Annie. Hope you and the family enjoyed this special day.

  5. So cute! May he have a long, healthy and happy life, Annie!

  6. So cute!! They always love digging into that 1st cake!!! :O)