Thursday, November 3, 2011

Culture Day

November 3 is a national holiday of Culture Day in Japan. Its purpose is to promote awareness of the arts and sciences and also to give thanks to those who have contributed to the advancement of culture. Medals are granted by the government to people selected for their significant cultural contributions.  At the Imperial Palace on Culture Day,five people received the Order of Culture from Emperor Akihito. Some other 4074 people, including the national female soccer players nicknamed "Nadeshiko Japan", received medals.

Today I tried to do something cultural but I couldn't find what to do. So I went out to find something artistic.

This is my finding today. It is a persimmon tree with abundant fruits. But it is very special. Please take a close look. On the top, a scarecrow is standing! Very surprising not only to crows but also to ME!

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  1. That's a great find, beagleAnnie! A National Culture Day is a great idea. Enjoy it as you choose.