Monday, November 7, 2011

Walk Again

Last autumn  I took a walk with Annie every day. She stopped every corner as she loved to sniff as other beagles do. Our walk was very slow, but even so, we walked for nearly an hour every day. After she got sick and couldn't walk out, I also stopped walking.

Today I started to take a walk again . On the way, I remembered the days of walking the same street with Annie.  It was a nice but a little sad walk.

However, to feel the season, to keep healthy ( I wonder if I am healthy) and to find something interesting and beautiful, I try to make walking my daily routine.

This is the flower picture I thought beautiful today.


  1. Here, we go to a nearby mall to walk. I find I am more diligent in doing it that way. Climate controlled and lots of fun things to look at as we walk.

  2. I like to walk outdoors, too, beagleAnnie--with or without my dog. You can understand that he doesn't like to go very far anymore. I'm glad you found some beautiful flowers today, and even gladder that you shared them with us!