Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Really Beautiful

November. Only two months left this year. Time flies too fast.

November is "Juichi-gatsu" (eleventh month) in Japanese, but another name is  "Shimo-tsuki".
Shimo is "frost" and tsuki is "month". Yes, it's very easy to understand, isn't it? Winter is just around the corner.
Today was a perfect day with the beautiful sky and  the cool breeze. I had a comfortable walk in my favorite place - Expo Park.
Suddenly I remembered the story of "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf". One of my favorite parts is...
Summer passed and fall came. Soon the leaves changed their colors. Some turned red and others turned yellow. Freddie turned purple. They were all very beautiful.
This story has been used for the English textbook of the third year students in the junior high school in Japan and I had a lesson using this book until several years ago. Every time I read this story, I was strongly moved. I always said to my students,"Similar to leaves, everyone has his/her own beauty and mission to live." Good memory.

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