Monday, November 21, 2011

Toji Temple and Kobo-Ichi Market

Toji Temple is a ten-minute walk from Kyoto Station and its five-story pagoda is the landmark of Kyoto, which is 55 meters tall and the tallest pagoda in Japan.
Toji Temple literally means "East Temple". It dates back to the opening of the ancient capital of Kyoto in the end of 8th century. Originally not only East Temple but also West Temple were founded to protect the capital. Later Kukai(774-835; founder of Shingon Buddhism) made Toji Temple the central seminary of Esoteric Buddhism and added various other buildings to it.

Toji Temple is also famous for its big- scale market called Kobo-Ichi on every 21st day of the month. About 1200 street markets stand in and around the temple, and every month around 200.000 visitors from many places come here to look for something. The stands include antiques, vintage kimonos, socks, handcrafts, dishware, pickles,.. even used bicycles. They open from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 Today was a little cold but I enjoyed browsing these stands very much. I tried to find something unique but I couldn't.  I enjoyed walking, stopping and looking at countless things. Great fun!
I found many foreign people looking at something carefully.
Toji Market is worth visiting.

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