Friday, December 9, 2011

Bad with Computer

It's a shame to say...This is a true story.

My laptop made a strange noise "giiieeeee" at moments and I thought it would break down sometime soon. So I made up my mind to buy a new computer. I bought a brand-new desktop computer NEC VALUESTAR a week ago. I was soooooooo happy.
Then I tried to move the old laptop data to the new desktop by using a software of moving data. I downloaded the software through Internet and prepared to move the data by connecting a cable into both computers. But something wrong. I did my best to find the answer by calling a customer service center but I failed. I was at a loss.
Yesterday my daughter came to my house with her family. I talked about this story to my son-in-law who is good at computers and he came to see my two computers connected by a cable. At first glance, he said "Well, this is not a right cable but for a telephone..." hahaha.  I know I am bad with machines!
Finally I moved the data into my new computer. BUT now I don't know in which place the old data exist!!
 I am at a loss again.

This is a picture of my daughter and grandson Rintaro (7-month-old).



  1. beagleAnnie, your daughter is beautiful and your grandson is a delight. They must bring you much joy! Your son-in-law will help you find those files. There is always something!