Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations

These are Christmas decorations I found today. Although most Japanese are not Christians ( only 1 % ), we love Christmas.  We hear Christmas songs in the shopping streets and see many Christmas decorations here and there.
 As for my mother who goes to the local nursery care center once a week for day service, she's also looking forward to the Christmas party held in there on Christmas Eve.

In Japan the most popular Christmas food today is not turkey (We have no turkey in the shop),but Kentucky Fried Chicken. And the unique custom is eating Christmas cake decorated gorgeously with Santa Claus. Gifts are given to children. Happy time for many people, especially for kids.

I'll go to my friend's home for Christmas party tomorrow. We'll enjoy Christmas dinner (probably special hotpot) and exchange presents each other.

Soon after Christmas, Japanese change the mood to prepare for the New Year. The busiest time of the year.


  1. Your Christmas displays look a lot like ours! We will be having ham, not turkey and certainly not KFC! We won't have snow for Christmas this year, a real oddity. Will you? Enjoy the holiday!

  2. it is truly looking so a fairy tale..
    happy holidays dear xx

  3. that's interesting that you don't eat turkey....

    love the look of the trees....

    Gill in Canada