Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deer in Nara Park

According to today's news, the average high temperature of November in Western Japan was the highest in last ten years. Actually yesterday when I was walking in the sunny weather, I felt hot. But for me it is sometimes difficult to know the reason. Is it really high temperature or is it just come from my body condition?
Anyway, today is December 1, the new and the last month has started. And the climate has also changed into winter version. A cold wind was blowing and the high temperature dropped to 13 degrees Celsius.

Today's Nara Park is more peaceful and beautiful than before because of the chilly weather and less people.

Nara deer were walking, eating and sleeping at their own paces as usual.

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  1. So pretty! We have many deer in our area, too. They graze in fields and live in wooded areas. They are also a hazard to drivers, as they jump out into the road in front of (or into) cars. Thank you for sharing this peaceful place. Happy December!