Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Annual annoyance

a big circus tent I found yesterday

from my window today

This time of the year, there's  annual annoyance that  affects most part of Japan, especially the western part. It is "Yellow Sand" which is stirred up by the wind from deserts in the Chinese continent. It often reaches Japan from March to May every year.
These two days are terrible. The dust has decreased visibility and stained laundry. I feel dusty and have a scratchy throat. For now I haven't heard many health problems due to this dust, but surely it is not good for our  health, at least for my nose and throat. Now I think about hanging laundry indoors and wearing a mask outside.
It is warm and I want to open the windows. BUT I can't  open them.
Come back the blue sky!

Friends, is the sky clear in your place?


  1. Annie ... oh dear, that's not really a good thing, a sandstorm, you have to allow all the windows and the nose will make yourself ill, I can imagine ...

    I once lived on a boat a sand storm, I could not believe it, at sea and then sand storm, but it was so and I did not like it ...

    Today we have blue skies and sunshine and I'm sitting on the balcony ...

    Greetings to you from Geli

  2. Nothing worse than dust storms, Annie. We sometimes get them even here in Melbourne and it's terrible. Be patient and hopefully blue skies will return soon!
    We have grey, cold and rainy days here in Melbourne at the moment - but of course it's Autumn!

  3. Hi, Annie
    Yellow sand is a spring nuisance. As soon as hay fever season is over, they come to Japan. All what I can do is to wear a mask. I love mist, fog, but not yellow sand. I am looking forward to a nice spring day with a blue sky.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Wow! I have never heard of this phenomenon, but I can imagine it must be quite bothersome. I already have enough problems with allergies and such without it being compounded by sand in the air. Hope you are living through it ok. :S