Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fancy Boots

I love man/woman watching, especially people's walking....walking posture and shoes.

 I was caught by these fancy boots. She was a middle aged lady but  looks much younger and very elegant in these boots. Shoes are important fashion element, aren't they? But more important is one's walking posture. I try to walk in a good posture and take a brisk walk. Challenging.


  1. Hi Annie, these boots look good, but I think every little paragraph on the carrier makes an elegant shoe ... I wear flat shoes must be well, everything else hurts ... :-(

    greetings to you from Geli

    HP. can you please issue the security code that you can decipher it and that's often not commenting very difficult and it is not much fun, thank you.

  2. wow, is not because the security code, thank you Annie...

    greetings from Geli

  3. I am more comfort than look nowadays in my shoes....


  4. Very fancy! And they don't look too uncomfortable either! :)

  5. Unlike some ladies' shoes, these actually look like they are comfortable to wear too!