Friday, April 6, 2012

Tough Babysitting

Dear friends,
I've been off line these two days and had  tough days. Let me tell you.

Yesterday was a nightmare. I was in charge of a check-in desk staff of the Holland America Line at the Kobe Port Terminal.It was my first time to sit there as a check-in staff. 
We would've been given enough orientation about what and how we should do, but we couldn't. We only got least information. No way to know!
In addition, over 1200 passengers gathered almost the same time. Impossible! I don't know whose mistake it is.
Some passengers got angry with waiting long or slow check-in.
The check-in counter opened at 11:00 and the next time I could see the time was at 3:15. No lunch, no restroom.
I was too exhausted to do anything.

But today was another tough day.
I have 11-month-old grandson, Rintaro. Today I was a whole day babysitter for him. It was also my first time to care for him at home all day. Raising kids needs stamina.
When I became enough tired, my husband came back home and split hairs over baby care. Suddenly I got mad at him. Saying is easy, doing is another thing. .....We had a row. Too bad.

Have you ever got mad at your partner?


  1. Not a typical japanese problem. More international. Nice smile by the way.

  2. Yes I have gotten mad at my husband. Especially when I was younger. We didn't have an argument though. When I get mad, I stop talking. If I can I get by myself and have a long conversation with him in my head. Then after I give him a good talking too ;) I come back and I'm OK.

  3. Ah, if my energy level is low, I cranky. My husband knows this and says: you definitely need time for yourself?

    Occasionally I am so tired that I did not react well when he says something. Only much later I'm say sorry. And we hug each other.

    Hope it's okay.
    What a sweet child.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a tough two days in a row, Annie. Grandchildren are wonderful, but in small doses... :-)

  5. Sorry for your stressful days lately. I think all of us have arguments at some time or another with the ones we love. Hope you made up quickly.

    PS: Your grandson is really cute!

  6. Ah, beagleAnnie, we all have times like this! Take good care of yourself and get some rest. The world will look better. Rintaro is a cutie!

  7. Wow! That was two stressful days!!! Your grandson is so cute! :O)

  8. Awe, what a cutie!...Yes taking care of children takes stamina...And we all get cranky and snap at each other at long as you are still friends at the end of the day, all is well! Family can be both blessing and curse at times :)
    God Bless~ Lisa